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Opportunities for

Healing & Growth

Sallie E. Ingle MA LPC-S is a teacher and an Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapist in private practice in Spicewood TX.

At Wind Horse Hill, we specialize in hosting events that focus on healing through Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) modalities.

Inner Exploration

IFS encourages us to develop relationship with all the different, multifaceted parts of ourselves.

Individual Sessions now available via Zoom or In Person here at the Retreat Center

Creating Connection

IFIO Couples Therapy offers the opportunity to co-create and deepen intimate relationships. Partners learn together how inner feelings and thoughts influence, and sometimes determine, our interactions with those we love.

Don't let old patterns dictate your interactions with those you love. Create choice in every moment.

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Couples & Family Sessions now available via Zoom or In Person here at the Retreat Center

IFIO Trainings for Clinicians at Wind Horse Hill

Upcoming Training: IFIO Basic

In-Person IFS Level 2 Trainings:

2023 Fall Basic IFIO Training #854

Sept 18-22 & Nov 6-10!

(This training is FULL)

2024 Spring Basic IFIO Training #1086

March 7-11 & April 25-29

Now taking Applications!

For registration and additional info, visit



Basic Training is similar to Level One IFS trainings. It is an experiential model of couple’s therapy that draws primarily from Internal Family Systems (IFS) developed by Richard Schwartz. The model includes aspects of psychodynamic theory, systems thinking, neuroscience and mindfulness practices.

IFIO is a relationship therapy born out of a desire to carry the concepts of IFS into a relational setting and to use the intimate relationship itself as a vehicle for growth and healing of the individual, as well as the couple.

The 72-hour clinical training helps therapists enhance their knowledge and skill, their work couples and with individuals. Therapists learn to work successfully with common difficulties in couples therapy. In this training IFS therapists become skilled at: (1) Working with the extreme impulses of protective parts; (2) Facilitating interpersonal and intrapsychic work; and (3) Assisting couples to have courageous conversations and deepen heartfelt connection.

This course is open to IFS Level 1 graduates and is considered a Level 2 offering for The Center for Self Leadership: 72 hours of continuing education available.

For registration and additional info, visit

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Upcoming IFS Activities:

Pot Luck Events

for the Austin IFS Community

(Check the Austin IFS Listserve for details)

IFS Movie Night:

Dinner and a Movie? Join your local IFS community for an evening of laughter, bonding and insight into parts and Self!

IFS Shakespeare Table Reads:

Read the classics with friends over supper & a glass of wine and discover how the Bard shared his understanding of parts & Self!

IFS Cross Pollination Classics:

Come together to watch videos of world class clinicians like Deb Dana and Dan Siegel teach masterclasses in Polyvagal, Attachment Theory, Interpersonal Biology and more! Share a meal and professional insights with your peers on applications for informing your IFS practice with these potent modalities.

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In Person Events for IFS Healers

Inner Geography:

Explore your psyche from the inside out through IFS informed psychodramatic action methods in an intimate group setting.

Our Living Relationship with Death:

Using experiential exercises, discussion, sharing, ceremony and ritual, we will explore our relationship with death and the vitality that awareness of mortality can bring to our every moment.

Healing with Horses:

Join our beloved equine herd to experience the healing power of nature and open yourself to explore deep connection in the beauty of the Texas Hill Country.

Online Groups for IFS & IFIO Healers

IFS Deepening Practices:

For those who have completed an IFS Level One, you are invited to co-create a small group for practicing protocols and deepening your understanding of the living art of IFS.

IFIO Consultation Group:

For those who have completed the Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) Basic, join a group to deepen your understanding of IFIO and expand your work assisting couples with decreasing reactivity and increasing choice.

IFIO Deepening Practices:

For those who have completed the Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) Basic, here is a chance to practice protocols, deepen your understanding of the science of IFIO as well as begin to explore the art of IFIO couples therapy.

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Past Retreats Workshops:

For IFS Clinicians: IFS Lead Trainer Ann Sinko shared a combination of experiential exercises, lecture, movement, ritual and ceremony, culminating in personal and group witnessing and unburdenings of both individual and collective grief.

(This workshop is for IFS Clinicians only. Group limited to 24 participants.)

May 5-7, 2023

Grief Retreat

  • 3 days designed to deepen grief skills and enhance wellbeing through exploration and expression of grief in community.

  • Delve into Francis Weller’s 5 gates of grief:
    • Loss,
    • Places that have not known love,
    • the Earth,
    • Loss of expectation and
    • Legacy burdens.

  • These 5 gates expand our understanding of grief and name deep places inside of us that may not have been named before.

IFS Lead Trainer Ann Sinko

Wind Horse Hill May 5-7, 2023!

Healing with Horses

Building relationship with our herd of equines (horses and donkeys) is a chance to practice having a brain reset while learning about co-regulation, a chance to explore new ways to cope with challenges, a chance to recognize old patterns and create more choice.

Equine Assisted Sessions now available at the Wind Horse Hill Retreat Center

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